Estimated Procedure Cost

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No Interest Payment Plans1
12 months
($1,000 minimum)
18 months
($2,000 minimum)
24 months
($3,000 minimum)
Extended Payment Plans1
24 months N/A
36 months N/A
48 months N/A

Ask your provider about 3 and 6 month no interest plans for procedure amounts below $1000

Please keep in mind that some providers don't offer all our payment plans. Check with your provider for full details.

1Payment amounts shown in the calculator assume that the patient pays only the specified amount during the promotional period, with no late fees or other fees charged to the account. Payments required to fully pay off your balance(s) within the time frame allotted may vary due to your payment practices. For no interest plans, if the payments received are not sufficient to pay off the entire balance(s) during the promotional period, finance charges that accumulated during that period will be added to your account balance.

In most cases credit lines range from $5000 - $12,000. For some Dental procedures, credit lines can be extended to $20,000, based on credit history and provider participation. Ask your individual provider for details.

Average cost

Use these average costs to help develop an accurate estimate of monthly payments.

LASIK eye surgery:
$3,500 – $5,000

$3,500 – $6,000

Dental veneers:
$500 – $1,000 per tooth

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